This is what fall is looking like this month. It is looking like late night phone calls and weekend long dates, because A is in NYC and I am in Boston, and there is no good way to get between the two. Each trip back and forth our hearts get broken in the inevitable delays in the four hours that separate us. There's dropped calls, bad reception, broken train tracks, bus delays. And then there is the moment at two a.m. when A texts me to tell me she's finally here walking up the hill towards the house from the train station and I walk down the road to meet her in my bathrobe, freezing in the fall air but too anxious to hold her hand to wait until she gets to the door. Our weekends together snap by like a flip book.

We're living parallel lives hundreds of miles apart and its alright, but it also is horrible. I have been reading a book of essays about Ruth Bader Ginsberg and I am constantly inspired by her husband's dedication to her success. They supported each other through law school and jobs and sexism and here A and I are on a teeter totter trying to balance our careers with, well, each other. But usually we can see clearly that we our both following our hearts. And they are pointed north, together. We're heading towards the brightest star, and the right direction. 

And some days, there is no work, and no law school, and no fellowship applications, there is just us, celebrating two years of everything good with perfectly sunny fall days in the North End. I grabbed my camera for the first time in months and we went on what one might characterize as a gluttonous rampage in a two square block radius. We had lattes, fresh apple cider donuts, carrot beet juice, pasta at our favorite Italian restaurant, and then the best and most adorable miniature cheesecake. It is these moments in Boston that I will miss, when everything is on fire for the fall and Haymarket is crowded and the sun still warms you up but the air is cold enough to make your cheeks a little pink. 

It is these weekends that I am reminded once again that we are each others' apostrophes. We belong to each other. B's A and A's B. And we're headed forward.